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Poppers side effects

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poppers side effects

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Poppers side effects include dizziness, increased heart rate, increased blood flow to the muscles and arteries. Headaches often occur after use.

Prolonged use of poppers side effects may result in respiratory damage, eye damage and neurological issues. Please note, these issues have not been fully documented and may be attributed to other factors.

If you are unfamiliar with what poppers are you can get detailed information in our previous blog posts ‘What are Poppers?‘ and ‘Poppers‘.

Poppers side effects of different types of poppers

The are different types of poppers. The most popular in the USA is PWD Rush.

Poppers side effects an PWD Rush

PWD Rush – an iconic yellow and red 10ml bottle.

PWD Rush is an isobutyl nitrite popular. Isobutyl nitrite is legal in the US and makes up the majority of poppers sales in the USA. Other types of poppers include amyl nitrate poppers. This is a controlled chemical and these poppers side effects can be much more pronounced than the use of poppers such as alkyl nitrite, cyclohexyl nitrite or isopropyl nitrite poppers.

Poppers side effects include death?

Back in the 1980’s there was a big scare that poppers use was causing aids which resulted in deaths. This was proved to be untrue. While poppers did lead to a higher incident of disease transmission due to the fact that poppers use resulted in more risky behavior no actual direct deaths were reported.

Eye damage from the use of poppers

One legitimate side effect of prolonged poppers use can be eye damage. Poppers are used by inhalation through the nose. This can cause increased blood flow into the eye and possible burst blood vessels in the eye itself.

More information on poppers side effects

Studies have been performed on the use of poppers and their side effects and one major study on the effects of poppers can be found here.

Poppers Reviews from Buy

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Poppers Reviews of Poppers ReviewsPWD Rush and other PWD poppers

Online poppers reviews from Buy are considered the best on the internet. With our 15 years of experience we can give you accurate reviews to find the best poppers. We can also tell you the best places to buy them on sale.

Before we start this review let’s state up front that true poppers are Amyl Nitrate. Amyl nitrate poppers are not available in the US without a prescription. We’ll focus our reviews on the ‘legal’ types such as isobutyl nitrite and alkyl nitrites.

We would also urge you to consider reading our post, ‘Poppers side effects‘.

Poppers Reviews: PWD Brands

No poppers reviews can be done without first starting off with PWD Rush. PWD Brands are considered the best poppers for sale in the USA.

Buy PWD Rush

Buy PWD Rush Online

PWD Rush has been around for over 40 years. It utilizes a ‘Power Pak Pellet’ to reduce moisture to maintain purity and potency.

Consider reading our blog post PWD Rush – The Best Poppers Brand. It has some good info on PWD and their history.

PWD also has a number of other Brands including:

  1. Hardware
  2. Quicksilver
  3. Bolt
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Super Rush

The active ingredients in all PWD Brands above is isobutyl nitrite.

Types of PWD Rush Brands:

My conclusion for these reviews is that with the exception of a few minor differences all of the PWD Brands are basically the same.

Poppers Reviews of Poppers ReviewsPWD Rush and other PWD poppers

Poppers Reviews – different types of PWD Brands

Poppers Reviews: Jungle Juice Brands

Jungle juice brands of poppers have been around a number of years.

Here is a quick vid with some Jungle Juice Types:

They include the following types:

  1. Jungle Juice Plus
  2. Jungle Juice Gold
  3. Jungle Juice Black
  4. Jungle Juice Platinum
  5. Jungle Juice Max
  6. Jungle Juice Blue

As with PWD, Jungle Juice Brands are basically the same. The primary ingredient is alkyl nitrites. This is a close cousin to isobutyl nitrite.

In my opinion the difference in the two is Coke v Pepsi. All a matter of personal ‘taste’.

 Poppers Reviews: Other types of poppers

There are 100’s of different types of poppers. 99% of them are all made of the same stuff. Isobutyl or Alkyl nitrite. So where does that leave you as to choice? Your best is to buy poppers online from the freshest source available. Poppers will degrade over time so freshest is best. Time is going to be the big factor when it comes to enjoying the best poppers.

Check out the below youtube video for more poppers reviews:


Sadly there are not a lot of poppers manufacturers. This is because of the legal ‘grey’ area that poppers are in. While the ingredients are legal to import into the USA it is unlawful to market them as poppers. This makes the market tough to get into. Your best bet when buying poppers is to buy them fresh from a known supplier.

If you are not sure where to go from here consider reading more about amyl nitrate, tips to buying poppers online and our ultimate poppers guide. Oh yeah, no poppers review would be complete without a link to our blog post on ‘poppers side effects‘.





What are poppers and the best poppers for sale?

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What are poppers?

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The best poppers for sale are amyl nitrate poppers. However those are not available without a prescription. We will have a look at isobutyl and alkyl nitrite varieties which are the best poppers available in the US.

What are poppers?

What poppers are is a type of drug that is typically amyl nitrate, isobutyl nitrite or alkyl nitrite. People inhale them to get high or to increase their sexual pleasure. In addition for use as a sex drug poppers are used in rave party scenes.

Poppers can give a feeling of euphoria. Side effects can be dizziness and headaches. Amyl nitrate poppers dilate blood vessels. The increased blood flow is pleasurable to many people.

Where are poppers for sale?

You can buy poppers online or in adult book stores in ampule or bottle form. Available bottle sizes of poppers for sale are generally in a 10ml, 15ml or 30ml size. Some websites, such as, offer them for sale and offer delivery to your doorstep in a matter of days. Amyl nitrate is generally considered the best type of popper to buy. There are many websites like ours that offer guides to poppers, reviews and the best places to buy them.

what are poppers

What are poppers? Poppers are drugs that typically come in bottles of the types shown here.

Types of poppers for sale:

 What are poppers brands for sale and which are the best poppers?

The best poppers brand debate will rage on for eternity like the eternal battle of coke v pepsi.

As with any other type of drug the best popper brand for sale is open to debate. Many people claim PWD brands are the best popper brand. Others like Jungle Juice brands or other European brands. Check out our Poppers Reviews for more info.

Are poppers legal?

Poppers cannot be sold as poppers. How weird is that?

You can normally find them as leather cleaners, liquid incense, liquid aromas, video head cleaner and sometimes as finger nail polish remover.

Sale of poppers to minors is prohibited.

Are poppers safe?

To date there have been no reported deaths from the use of poppers. The use of poppers can result in a lessening of inhibitions. This can result in a person engaging in risky behavior. If left unchecked this could cause harm.

Who uses poppers?

Poppers are big in the gay community. Poppers are also used at raves and other party places.

The reality is people from all walks of life use poppers as a drug.

Amyl Nitrate – The best poppers for sale?

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Amyl Nitrate Chemical Formula

See our the earlier blog post, What are poppers? for more info.

Amyl Nitrate has long been considered the best drug of choice for use as poppers.

Since the 1800’s this drug was accepted as safe. No deaths or significant injuries have been report from use.

The preferred method of use for amyl nitrate poppers is by inhalation through the nostrils.

Even though amyl nitrate is abused as ‘poppers’ or a ‘sex drug’ it is also used for the treatment of angina. It acts as a vasodilator to dilate arteries to increase blood flow to the heart and other muscles. For more on this see this article at the Mayo Clinic.

Side effects of Amyl Nitrate

When inhaled amyl nitrate can cause feelings of euphoria, dizziness and headaches after use.

Users will often turn flush from increased blood flow. Excessive use causes blue lips & fingernails. This is due to a lack of oxygen in the blood stream.

No deaths have been reported from use.

Buying Amyl Nitrate

amyl nitrate capsule contaimer

Original Amyl Nitrate tin when it was sold over the counter.

Up until the 1960’s amyl nitrate was available to buy over the counter without a prescription. Currently you can buy Amyl Nitrate online in ampule form or glass bottles.

When amyl nitrate changed to prescription only it was no longer available for use as poppers.

This was only a minor setback. Many poppers manufacturers switched to legal chemicals such as alkyl and isobutyl nitrites.

Amyl Nitrate as poppers and sex drugs

Amyl nitrate continues to be popular as a drug to increase sexual pleasure.

Many people will inhale the drug while having sex. They claim this results in a greater pleasure. For over 40 years it has been sold for that use and is becoming popular.

When using amyl nitrate as poppers please take a few minutes and read our guide to poppers.

Many users claim PWD Rush is the best poppers on the market. But then again, just as many users think other brands make the best poppers.

If you need more info on poppers make sure you visit our main page, – The Ultimate Guide to Buying Poppers and our Poppers Reviews.

PWD Rush – the best poppers brand?

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PWD Rush

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Don’t know what poppers are? Take a few moments to check out our blog post, What are Poppers?

PWD Rush has been around for over 40 years. It has long been touted as the best poppers brand worldwide and we rank it highly in our ‘Poppers Reviews‘ post.

The below youtube vid has some great info about PWD Rush:

Marketed by PWD along with a number of other brands such as Hardware, Bolt, Quicksilver, Locker room and the brand new Gold Rush & Super Rush PWD has been churning out highly successful blends for decades.

Seriously, when you take into account the variety of poppers for sale claiming the crown of ‘Best Poppers Brand’  is a pretty big boast.

Is it an accurate claim? In some instances yes, in others no. See, it all boils down to what you consider to be poppers.

Is PWD Rush really ‘poppers’?

PWD Rush is commonly referred to as ‘poppers’ in popular culture. In reality it contains no amyl nitrate, which is the primary ingredient in true poppers. PWD Rush contains isobutyl nitrite which is in the family of alkyl nitrites. PWD Rush is not considered amyl nitrate poppers. You can read more about that at wikipedia here.

To be fair PWD Rush has never been marketed as poppers but as liquid incense or liquid aroma over the years.

PWD Rush goes out of business. Again. And Again. And Again.

PWD Rush and the PWD Brands have had issues over the years. Originally manufactured and distributed in the 1970’s PWD Rush has gone out of business a number of times.

The PWD name itself has taken a beating in the 2000’s with no less than three shutdowns.

In one instance the owner of the PWD Rush Brand and Great Lakes products, Joe Miller, committed suicide after the PWD offices were raided. No in depth explanation was ever provided for this event.

PWD Rush Nail Polish Remover?

PWD Rush

PWD Rush

Around 2011 PWD Rush was brought back to market and marketed as a nail polish remover. Currently a US patent is held for this purpose. The brand was thought to be on solid footing but another shutdown occurred in June of 2013. This has not been resolved as of the writing of this post.

Hopefully the iconic brand will return to your favorite online retailer or local book store soon.

What the future holds for PWD Rush

In closing, the PWD Rush story has not had an ending written yet and is an ongoing story. My bet is that after 40 years of loyal Customers the brand will make a come back and continue to run strong into the future. Before you go consider reading our post on some tips to buy poppers online. Also see ‘poppers side effects‘ for more info on the side effects of using PWD Rush.

And before we go here is another video showcasing PWD Rush:

Buy Poppers – tips to buying poppers online.

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After getting some tips have a look at our Poppers Reviews post.

When you buy poppers online you can experience the same level of frustration as if buying poppers in any other type of environment. If you do not know what poppers are please read this blog post, What are poppers?.

Due to the nature of the internet, non face to face transactions, no known physical location, etc you will need to exercise a little more caution to avoid an unpleasant shopping experience when you buy poppers online.

Remember, internet fraud is rampant in these times. Only buy from reputable sources or a source that is known to a friend.

What to look for when you buy poppers

  1. First & foremost is it a reputable supplier? There are websites that sell poppers that have been online for over a decade. One such site, , which has been online close to 15 years and is where I buy poppers from on a monthly basis.Buy poppers from
  2. Do they offer a toll free number for support and prominent Customer Service email contact info on the website? If not that is a bad sign. Every business wants to answer the phone if they are on the up & up.
  3. Do they use a secure certificate when you checkout? A secure certificate is important when you buy any thing on the internet. It not only secures your data but verifies the person you are buying from.

There are some other tips to follow but these are definitely the biggies when it comes to shopping online to buy the best poppers.

Another tip to buy poppers online is to avoid anyone claiming to sell amyl nitrate. It is illegal to buy this without a prescription in the US and is a huge red flag.

Types of poppers available to buy

PWD Rush and other PWD poppers

PWD Rush and other PWD poppers

Now, some other things you will need to consider when buying poppers is the type. All of the blends are essentially the same (think coke v pepsi) but there are some minor differences. Many of the Jungle Juice Blends in the US use an alkyl nitrite as the primary ingredient and are not amyl nitrate poppers at all.

PWD blends such as the iconic Rush utilize isobutyl nitrite and are not true poppers.

There is even a new blend out now called CycloAmyl Nitrite which has developed an almost cult following.  That formula is sold under the brand names Taiwan Blue, Brazil, Super Juice & Amyl Night.

This youtube video has a breakdown of some poppers you can buy online:

Best practices to buy poppers online

In closing let me remind you of the three key factors to look for when you buy poppers online. They are;

  1. Reputation
  2. Visible Contact Info
  3. Secure transaction environment

Keep these three in mind and you should be fine. Oh, and if you get the chance check out our very first post, the Poppers – the Ultimate Guide. Later.

Update 01/14/2014: We have added a recent post that may be of interest. It relates to poppers online.


Poppers – The Ultimate Guide

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The Poppers Pro - AMA!

What are the best poppers? Amyl Nitrate? Isobutyl nitrite? Can I buy poppers in the USA? Are they safe to use with other drugs? Do you have any tips to buying poppers online? What are the side effects of poppers? I cannot count how many times I have heard these and other questions over the last decade or so.

So, after 10+ years I have decided to start up I set this website up to answer the above and many other questions and as a guide to poppers in one easy to find spot on the web.

Everyone that uses poppers wants to know the best, the safest and where to buy the most potent available.

Will I be able to answer answer all of your questions? Probably not.

But here we will strive to provide accurate information about the availability of poppers such as PWD Rush, Jungle Juice and other popular types in the USA. We will also keep you informed as to other goings on worldwide including Canada, Europe, China and other countries.

A quick guide to the newest types of poppers:

Poppers Popularity

Worldwide popularity of poppers has never been higher.

With global trade barriers breaking down users are understandably concerned that less potent and possibly unsafe types may end up on the shores of the US. As a user yourself you definitely need to keep aware of any possible issues if you want to find the best poppers.

Types of poppers

Currently there are hundreds of different types available throughout the world. They have been and are considered safe but some ‘fake rush‘ has been found to be of a lower purity than their more reputable US brands.

Your best bet, if you plan on using them, is to do a bit of research before you partake in their use. Doing so will protect your health and safety.

A little bit of research now can save you a lot of grief later.

If you are a fan of poppers don’t leave our website without giving a bookmark to You can check back frequently for more information on the best places to buy them on the internet. We will be updating about twice a week and we look forward to you joining our little community. See you soon and don’t forget to comment before you go!

Oh, and for additional info check out these more recent posts, Poppers Side Effects, What are Poppers?, Amyl Nitrate and Poppers Reviews.