Amyl Nitrate – The best poppers for sale?

Amyl Nitrate Chemical Formula

See our the earlier blog post, What are poppers? for more info.

Amyl Nitrate has long been considered the best drug of choice for use as poppers.

Since the 1800’s this drug was accepted as safe. No deaths or significant injuries have been report from use.

The preferred method of use for amyl nitrate poppers is by inhalation through the nostrils.

Even though amyl nitrate is abused as ‘poppers’ or a ‘sex drug’ it is also used for the treatment of angina. It acts as a vasodilator to dilate arteries to increase blood flow to the heart and other muscles. For more on this see this article at the Mayo Clinic.

Side effects of Amyl Nitrate

When inhaled amyl nitrate can cause feelings of euphoria, dizziness and headaches after use.

Users will often turn flush from increased blood flow. Excessive use causes blue lips & fingernails. This is due to a lack of oxygen in the blood stream.

No deaths have been reported from use.

Buying Amyl Nitrate

amyl nitrate capsule contaimer

Original Amyl Nitrate tin when it was sold over the counter.

Up until the 1960’s amyl nitrate was available to buy over the counter without a prescription. Currently you can buy Amyl Nitrate online in ampule form or glass bottles.

When amyl nitrate changed to prescription only it was no longer available for use as poppers.

This was only a minor setback. Many poppers manufacturers switched to legal chemicals such as alkyl and isobutyl nitrites.

Amyl Nitrate as poppers and sex drugs

Amyl nitrate continues to be popular as a drug to increase sexual pleasure.

Many people will inhale the drug while having sex. They claim this results in a greater pleasure. For over 40 years it has been sold for that use and is becoming popular.

When using amyl nitrate as poppers please take a few minutes and read our guide to poppers.

Many users claim PWD Rush is the best poppers on the market. But then again, just as many users think other brands make the best poppers.

If you need more info on poppers make sure you visit our main page, – The Ultimate Guide to Buying Poppers and our Poppers Reviews.

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  4. Jeremy Post author

    Poppers is the US such as PWD Rush do not contain amyl nitrate so I am not sure what that is doing in this article.

  5. Poppers Pro Post author

    In the US amyl nitrate is not legal so we are stuck with the isobutyl nitrate which is what Rush is made of. Have to take what we can get.

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