Why are Eruption Poppers so Popular?

The popularity of eruption poppers has been growing recently. This is observed from increased online orders & purchases, many reviews and also surge in inquiries about the product. Liquid aroma poppers are not new in the market. In fact, they can be traced back to the 70s and 80s during the “Disco” era. One of their uses was to give the user “a high” before entering the club. Others loved the sexual arousal that came with it. Though there are all kinds of varieties, eruption remains a popular choice because of the following:

Eruption Poppers – Powerful

Eruption is not your regular popper and is regarded as among the most powerful liquid aromas in the market. It consists of top quality alkyl nitrites which have been blended with other secret ingredients. A user only requires to sniff a small amount to experience a fast high or horniness which makes the sexual experience more exciting if not explosive. And to guarantee the user of freshness and same strength, each bottle of eruption is preserved using crystals.

Fast Acting

Usually, a person has to wait for sometime before the active ingredients take over. This may require you inhaling the aroma several minutes before entering the club or having sex. However, with eruption poppers, you don’t have to wait for long. Inhaling the aroma will have you feeling high and aroused within a few seconds and this comes in handy when you are at that point of climax. In addition to giving you a “strong jolt” the effects last much longer than other alternatives in the market.

Minimal Side Effects

A common complaint about liquid aroma poppers is that they usually come with some side effects. Some users complain of having a headache after using the stuff while others claim to sweat excessively. There are those who experience respiratory congestion while some end up with a flaccid erection instead of a stiff one due to over-relaxation of the blood vessels. Such effects are unlikely with eruption as clearly seen in the tests, reviews and testimonials from users. In fact, you not only feel more relaxed and aroused at the same time, but will put a good performance at the club or in the bedroom.

Range of Packages

One reason that draws users to eruption is the range of packaging. A potential user is offered three different packs: the small bottle (10ml), medium pack (15ml) and the large bottle (30ml). The range of packages allows a user to choose the ideal bottle for the need at hand. The small bottle is currently retailing at $7, the medium-size one at $ 8; while the large pack is going for $12. What’s more, the ordering and shipping is discreet and fast.

The above are some of the reasons that drive consumers to using eruption. It is powerful, fast acting, and easily available online. There are different packages and a user doesn’t experience side effects that come with other brands. This has led to more demand for the liquid aroma for both recreational and sexual use. Nonetheless, to be assured of the positive effects and still remain safe, you need to buy eruption poppers from a legitimate and reputable source.

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