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The Facts and Myths of Liquid Aroma Online Poppers

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What Are Liquid Online Poppers?

Liquid poppers or liquid aroma poppers are recreational liquids that belong to the alkyl nitrite family. They come in small bottles of between 10 and 30ml and are referred to as aroma poppers’ because of their sweet and fruity aroma.

Back in the days, poppers used to come in small glass capsules whose vials produced a unique popping sound when crushed. That explains where they got their name. The name has persisted to date regardless of the fact that they don’t pop anymore.

Contrary to what you might think, liquid poppers are in fact legal, and you can use them to intensify sexual pleasure or to enhance your perception of sound in a rave party. Their compounds are totally safe.

The Formulas

In the 70s and 80s, only two compounds were used as poppers – isobutyl nitrate and amyl nitrate. In the modern times, many other compounds have gained popularity ever since. They include isopentyl nitrite, isoamyl nitrite, and cyclohexyl nitrite. However, all these modern poppers are just modified versions of the old isobutyl and amyl.

How Poppers Work

Alkyl nitrates are known to be vasodilators. That means they dilate your blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to the brain (head rush) and other organs; especially sexual organs. Furthermore, they relax your involuntary muscles (like a great massage would) while intensifying positive emotions thus creating a sense of extreme well-being and euphoria.

Great Sex

So why are poppers associated with sex? Well, as I have explained in the section above, they relax your involuntary muscles and give you a sense of extreme well-being and euphoria. That state arouses your sexual desire while at the same time relaxing muscles that need to relax during sex (anal, vaginal and penile muscles).

The blood rush makes you feel every touch, sensation and emotion in a sensual and sexual way. Poppers also increase blood flow and oxygen to the necessary organs for very intense and long lasting orgasms.

What is good about poppers is that they are not addictive, and you don’t need to worry about the possibility of having to join a rehab center.

Gay High?

Some years ago, poppers were considered by a large population as a gay drug. That notion resulted from the 1970s subculture that saw the gay embrace it more than the straight. Manufacturers magnified the perception by branding them as so to make the best of the emerging gay market.

The idea changed drastically when a majority of the sexually active population discovered that poppers were the closest thing to a real aphrodisiac. Yes, they relax anal muscles for better anal sex, but even the straight enjoy anal sex. They also relax vaginal muscles for penile penetration and straight sex.

Where to Buy Poppers

Back then, poppers were sold in adult bookstores only; contrary to the modern internet era where online poppers are the most popular. Online poppers are great for you because you not only maintain your privacy but also make orders from the comfort of your home. You even get to compare the various sellers of online poppers before you settle for one.

Be careful not to buy online poppers from a fake dealer as fake ones might have physical or health risks.

Some Common Brands

Popular brands of online poppers include Rush, Bolt, Ram, ManscentPop’rs, Hardware, Rave, Liquid Aroma, Reds, Locker Scent, Jungle Juice, Amsterdam, Blue Boy, Iron Horse, Quicksilver, and Taiwan Blue.

Unexpected Benefits You Can Get From Using Online Poppers

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Online Poppers have recently been receiving bad raps from people who don’t know anything about them. Even though these recreational inhalants are made from a drug, that doesn’t mean you won’t get anything good out of them. With proper use, poppers can actually be beneficial for one’s wellbeing.

What Poppers Are
“Poppers” is a term used for a substance called alkyl nitrites, a recreational drug. These inhalants have become popular among homosexual communities due to its sexual benefits. But sexual enhancement isn’t the only benefit that poppers can give. Among a few good things it can do to you is relax your body to get rid of stress, and provide you a quick supply of energy you might need during the day.

How Poppers Work
Online poppers are taken through inhalation. Once inhaled, its chemical composition dilates the veins which allow more blood to pass through. The process results in a feeling of relaxation with a surge of energy. Individuals who take these beneficial drugs usually experience happiness with a hint of being adventurous.

Sexual Enhancement
If you are looking for ways to add more excitement to your sex life then you should consider using online poppers. While there are other substances you can use to have better sex, none of these substances have proven to be safe for your body. Among the sexual benefits this wonder drug can give you are better endurance, and more sensitivity, which can make it seem like it’s your first time to make love.

Relaxing the Body
With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people tend to be tensed up most of the time, which can result to physical problems in the long run. To keep up with your day-to-day activities, you will need to take a break from time to time. One good way to do it is to have some chill time with poppers. With its vein dilation effect, it can relax all the muscles in your body and spread a feeling of calmness in your mind.

Health Benefits
Contrary to what most people believe, taking poppers can be beneficial to the health; it can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. As mentioned earlier, the portable inhalants are composed of a substance called alkyl nitrites, which cause dilation of the veins when inhaled. This, in turn, helps prevent bad cholesterol from clogging the veins, which causes stroke and heart attacks.

Stress-free Lifestyle
Individuals who take poppers every now and then were found to be better at managing stress than those who don’t take them. They were also observed to be optimistic about living and have good chances of becoming successful in their careers.

Buying High Quality Poppers
Not all online poppers are of the same quality, substandard poppers only contain 70% alkyl nitrites (or even less) and usually contain other chemicals that are not good for your body. Hence, only get poppers from reputable brands such as Rush and Iron Horse.

Poppers are your best companion when it comes to spicing up your recreational and sexual activities as well as maintaining a healthy well-being. To get the most effect out of these inhalants, make sure that you get them from well-known sellers. Once you try it, get ready to have the best time of your life