Buy Poppers – tips to buy poppers online.

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When you buy poppers online you can experience the same level of frustration as if buying poppers in any other type of environment. If you do not know what poppers are please read this blog post, What are poppers?.

Due to the nature of the internet, non face to face transactions, no known physical location, etc you will need to exercise a little more caution to avoid an unpleasant shopping experience when you buy poppers online.

Remember, internet fraud is rampant in these times. Only buy from reputable sources or a source that is known to a friend.

What to look for when you buy poppers

  1. First & foremost is it a reputable supplier? There are websites that sell poppers that have been online for over a decade. One such site, BuyFromBen , which has been online for 20 years and is where I buy poppers from on a monthly basis.
  2. Do they offer a toll free number for support and prominent Customer Service email contact info on the website? If not that is a bad sign. Every business wants to answer the phone if they are on the up & up.
  3. Do they use a secure certificate when you checkout? A secure certificate is important when you buy any thing on the internet. It not only secures your data but verifies the person you are buying from.

There are some other tips to buy poppers but these are definitely the biggies when it comes to shopping online to buy the best poppers.

Another tip to buy poppers online is to avoid anyone claiming to sell amyl nitrate. It is illegal to buy this without a prescription in the US and is a huge red flag.

Types of poppers available to buy

tips to buy poppers

PWD Rush and other PWD poppers

Now, some other tips to buy poppers you will need to consider when buying poppers is the type. All of the blends are essentially the same (think coke v pepsi) but there are some minor differences. Many of the Jungle Juice Blends in the US use an alkyl nitrite as the primary ingredient and are not amyl nitrate poppers at all.

PWD blends such as the iconic Rush utilize isobutyl nitrite and are not true poppers.

There is even a new blend out now called CycloAmyl Nitrite which has developed an almost cult following.  That formula is sold under the brand names Taiwan Blue, Brazil, Super Juice & Amyl Night.

This youtube video has a breakdown of some poppers you can buy online:

Best practices for buying online

In closing let me remind you of the three tips to buy poppers to look for when you buy poppers online. They are;

  1. Reputation
  2. Visible Contact Info
  3. Secure transaction environment

Keep these three in mind and you should be fine. Oh, and if you get the chance check out our very first post, the Poppers – the Ultimate Guide. Later.

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